Rejoice, for ▊ is dead! Inefficient, unsustainable, made obsolete and worthless. It is obscene that anyone wasted their time with ▊, and it’s inconceivable that anyone could ever build success on it again.

It is not enough to reject ▊ in our lives alone, it must be burned from others, too. We must dedicate ourselves to the total eradication and discredit of ▊. Its value an illusion; devils tricks for inferior minds. Our new way is the true model, that is our way now, and that way will be the way of others.

Punish those who advocate for ▊. Strike down anyone who would indoctrinate youth with tales of ▊’s past glories. Ridicule those who succeed in spite of ▊. Cry havoc from the clock towers at how much greater we could be without ▊. Any success with ▊ is our failure.

Our world is constantly reinvented, rethought, tweaked, embraced, rejected, and iterated upon at pace. Made better, routed around failure, democratised, stabilised, and commoditised. That you are reading this invocation at all is testament to a polyculture. Therefore you, as a soldier to this cause, must ignore all of that as you step to the pulpit, transpose consonants for exes, and proclaim to your flock that “▊ sucks!”

Reject all context, culture, and nuance. It is only by cleansing yourself of these today that you may learn new contexts, cultures, and nuances to reject again tomorrow.

Suggested nouns: “Rails”, “WordPress”, “MySQL”, “NoSQL”, “blogging”, “the PC”, “microblogging”, “Java”, “JavaScript”, “CoffeeScript”.

“The web”, “RSS”, “apps”, “Intel”, “AMD”, “Microsoft”.

“Movable Type”, “Movable Type”, “Apple”, “the web (again)”, “PHP”, “the W3C”, “physical keyboards”, “software keyboards”, “America”.

“Considered, rational discourse”.

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