I know it’s not a normal topic to discuss, but I’d like to talk with you today about some reflections I’ve had on the topic of magic. Yes, magic.

I'm not quite sure if this topic came to mind due to my watching The Return of the King recently, or if I'm thinking of it because my podcast co-host and I were invited to be guests on a show with 'magic' in the title. Maybe it's a combination of these two. Maybe it's more.

When I spoke with the woman who extended the podcast invite, I do remember getting off the call thinking about magic. I was reminded of this firm belief I have that everything that happens in stories is a representation of something that exists in the real world. I've had this belief for a long time, and it has led me to think more about what magic's real world representation could be. Each year my thoughts on this subject grow more concrete.

When I was talking to the podcast host these thoughts crystalized further. I started to see magic's real world representation as happening in those moments where random things just connect. Maybe you're lost in a new city and just before all is lost you run into the friendliest person who has the exact directions you need. Maybe you're working to figure out what words to write and you hear a person on the radio say a statement that captures exactly the right sentiment.

In discussions with the podcast host, the idea arose that there's 'The Feeling' you get when you just know something is the right path. Once you get on that path things start to fall into place.

In all of these cases that falling into place, that's magic.

These reflections on magic brought me to thoughts about a recent mantra I’ve been trying to follow: Finesse. I’ve been thinking about this mantra in regards to how I choose to react in tough situations. I’ll ask myself, “In this tough moment, will I react with grace or with fear?” I aim to move toward grace, but many times I'm still very much in fear.

Allow me to share a recent example. Recently, I found myself deep in some or another work thing when my phone rang. I walked over to see who it was, and it was a dear friend from NYC. How would I react to this interruption of my task? Would I react with the fear of the consequences of not 'finishing' my task? Or, would I react with grace and pick up the phone?

I picked up the phone and the conversation that ensued was nothing short of awesome. It was the right conversation at the right time, and it happened because I chose grace. It happened because I let this little nugget of magic work its way in.

Pretty cool, right?

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