Breathe with your stomach.

If you’ve ever been to yoga then you’ve probably heard this before. Go on, try it. Breathe with your stomach.

What you’re doing is diaphragmatic breathing. As air enters your body, you contract your diaphragm and expand your abdomen rather than your chest. This deep breathing technique helps with relaxation.

So why not say, breathe with your diaphragm? It’s accurate, but it requires that your audience knows what a diaphragm is and where it’s located. This is yoga, not anatomy. And I’ll bet that I was able to get you to breathe with your diaphragm although I said stomach.

The semi-deceitful command, breathe with your stomach, is relatable and meaningful. Everyone has a stomach and has an idea of where it is. Most of all, it doesn’t make you overthink. Any time I’m stumped on how to explain something, I’ll try to boil it down to its most basic parts and think about all those who may read it. It’s a strenuous process, but I just remember to breathe with my stomach.

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