Dear Tech Industry,

We are no longer just the outcasts in the basement who mysteriously make the computers run. We are everywhere. We are in every industry. Everything is digital and we run this town.

Now it's time to grow up and make a real difference. Be a good ambassador for our field. Treat each other with respect. Stop being horrible to each other. Be an example of what can really be accomplished in this world. Do good work with good people and for good people.

Support the towns and systems that support you. Spend some of your excessive pay on arts, culture, and charity. Just because you know more about technology than most people doesn't mean you're smarter than everyone else, but you do hold an important key to success. There is a world out there that could use your help. Your local charities, your city, your state, your country. Disruption from the inside is what is going to make a bigger difference in people's lives, and not just the lives of our fellow techies. It's harder, but do it anyway. Make us proud.

To those already making a difference in our civic tech family, non-profits, and expanding the minds of organizations everywhere, I've got your back. I hope the rest of our field will join me in supporting you.


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