I love to-do lists. I notoriously downloaded almost every to-do list app on the App Store, and was so embarrassed by my purchase history of app icons with check/tick marks that I abandoned my Apple ID and created a new one.

(Eventually I did find an app that I kept coming back to and really liked – that was Wunderlist.)

My daily to-do lists have always been very long, and, like most people, I stressed out at the end of the day when several things on my to-do list were not completed. I didn’t care about what I had done, I cared that I didn’t finish everything I wanted to do.

This happened far too many times and the pressure was too great. There was no longer a focus on the task, just a focus on doing things as quickly as possible.

My rule now is to do just one thing per day. One important, worthwhile thing. It’s easy for a task to blow out of proportion and take far longer than you expected. But in a sea of to-dos, surely you could pick out one thing that is important, that needs doing now rather than later, today rather than tomorrow?

It’s a simple step of prioritisation that doesn’t involve endless re-ordering, assigning points to tasks, painful headaches of wanting to finish many things.

Just pick one.

It’s worked marvellously so far. I’ve probably been doing it for about a year. You can be flexible with it, but it changes your mindset completely, and here is why:

This is your to-do for today:

Just write one to-do.

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