Here's something you probably don't like to think about: your home is filthy.

It's little more than a heap of rotten wood and chipped paint covered in dust and grime, filled to the brim with unnecessary crap that you just never had the heart to throw away.

Now I'm not talking about your actual home, although for all I know it might very well fit that description, too. No, I'm talking about your digital home.

We're usually forced to clean up our living spaces sooner or later usually – at least for me – when dust bunnies start reaching the size of actual bunnies.

But when's the last time you did a bit of online spring cleaning?

I know that my digital home at least is in a sorry state. There are currently 22 unsorted items on my Mac's desktop.

Not too bad, except that one of these items is a folder named "stuff", and *that* one contains 363 items.

And one of these 363 items is another folder named "Stuff" (note the capital "S" this time) which itself contains 61 more items.

This is the point where I close the window, afraid I'll never find my way back to the light if I dig any deeper.

And I'm not even talking about my inbox. Why sure, I'd love to receive a daily newsletter informing me of exciting opportunities to use the 12 miles I have on Air Madagascar!

At least I don't have to worry about inbox zero, because I'm carefully keeping track of which emails need to be acted upon. I'll take care of all 127 of them any time soon now.

But all things considered, stray files and unwanted emails are a minor nuisance, easy enough to ignore. What about more important matters?

I still have about a half-dozen assorted WordPress sites hosted on DreamHost. I had a lot of fun last month when they all got hacked, and I had to manually go through their files to remove malware code. Did you know WordPress has a lot of files?

At least DreamHost is relatively cheap. On the other hand, I pay $20 a month to host The Toolbox, a site I haven't updated (or looked at) in years.

And the list goes on.

But this is the year it stops. This is the year I look each of my sites, files, and emails in the eye, and decide if they stay or if they go!

My actual home will probably have to wait until 2016, though.

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