1. Commit to writing a thing.
  2. Committing to writing a thing will make you research the thing.
  3. Researching the thing involves reading what others have written about the thing.
  4. Reading what others have written about the thing will make you want to try some stuff out.
  5. Trying some stuff out will likely create more questions than it does answer existing ones.
  6. Attempting to answer those new questions will require you to dig even deeper on the topic.
  7. Digging deeper will make you realize there are a few ideas you have to offer on the subject. *
  8. Realizing that you have a few ideas to offer will inspire you to publish what you’ve written so far.
  9. Publishing what you’ve written so far will motivate you to publish something else.
  10. Commit to writing another thing.

* This is the secret. Digging deeper will help you to understand that there are many people who are smarter than you. However, it will also help you see that there are many people who are not. This provides the context that you have a role to play. **

** Please play it.

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