On a day like this, I think about what cards life deals us, and just how lucky I am.

I like what I do for a living. I do it for a living because people are willing to pay me a very decent wage. Were they not, I’d have to do something else. I might not like that nearly as much.

Today I told people I was looking for a new job. I didn’t need to look for a new job. I did because I felt I’d be a bit happier, and a bit less anxious, if I did. What a luxury!

12 hours after telling people I was looking for a new job, I have many good leads. How blessed I am!

I’ve known many people who have worked awful jobs for terrible pay, just to put food on their table and a roof over their heads. To keep their kids in shoes that fit and pay enough to keep the lights on.

I am no more deserving than they. I possess no greater moral strength, show no more dedication to my work, and certainly do not face challenges like theirs.

I’ve never had a career plan. Any success I’ve had has just been a byproduct of pursuing what I enjoy. How lucky I am!

And I think, what have I done with the hand I was dealt?

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