The Pastry Box Project is closed. Thank you for your wonderful support over the years. –Alex

Dear Readers,

Please allow me to introduce you to The Pastry Box and its aims.

The Pastry Box is a collaborative blog which publishes one new post every day from bright minds shaping the web. The project is an incubator for ideas about the evolution of our connected world, as well as the many issues it's raising. The goal of The Pastry Box is to capture a little something of our day and age through a collection of texts: authors can talk about anything they want, from events in the news to timeless reflections, from very personal and intimate contemplations to more abstract thoughts.

I am absolutely convinced that gathering people together and asking them to share their thoughts freely is an incredibly powerful way to take a snapshot of a certain world at a certain point in time, especially if those writers are building the most influential medium of that very point in time. I am developing The Pastry Box in the hope that, one day, historians, sociologists, journalists, scholars, and curious people from various walks of life will try to understand how we, the people of the present, perceived the evolution of our day and age as it unfolded before our very eyes, and that the resource I am building will be of some use to them in their studies. I hope that it will become a tapestry from which the concerns of our times will emerge.

We published our first post on January 1st, 2012. After four years of hard work (one new post every day for four years), I thought that The Pastry Box had achieved its goal and I decided to close the venture. Two years later, it appears that the world has changed a lot—enough to call for the project to be rebooted, possibly as an act of resistance in an era where the truth is bent and twisted as if reality simply did not exist anymore. I believe that the move to document the life around us—in one way or another—is one of the best responses to the unbearable denial of facts which can be seen in too many media streams and in the mouths of too many “leaders” nowadays.

Writers contributing to The Pastry Box typically publish once a month or once every two months throughout a given year. You will follow their ideas, their reflections on the industry and its issues (which are, I believe, at the forefront of what many societies have to deal with), their vision of the world, how they work, what they enjoy, what's great, what's hard.

The Pastry Box is an independent publication. No ads. No funding. No monetization. I think that the freedom given to authors and the lack of financial considerations help to create an astonishing narrative, an invaluable window on the industry that is changing how we live so profoundly. I hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you for reading.